What to expect

My intention is to give you an opportunity to feel safe and good in your body with compassionate touch and caring presence. I combine Craniosacral Therapy treatments with soothing massage of the scalp, hands and feet to help you settle in and relax. During the treatment I will gently hold areas of your body (such as the feet, sacrum, chest and head) and listen through my hands to what your body is communicating. In this meditative space, your body has the opportunity to speak through its rhythms and tension patterns. As your body is ready, the release of held patterns and a return to balance can be facilitated through manual and/or somatoemotional release techniques. Clients often feel deeply relaxed. 

A treatment session is about 60 minutes. The client remains fully clothed and simply lies in a comfortable position on a padded treatment table. To support health and reduce the spread of viral infection, face masks are required by client and therapist. Thank you for your understanding!