Voices Alive

Exploring collective joy

and well-being through song.

All are welcome in these community circles as we learn a variety of uplifting, fun and meditative songs taught mainly in the oral tradition. Discover the power of one voice becoming many, weaving a musical tapestry of poetry, kindness, mindfulness and joy. Medicine for the brain, heart and planet! 

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About Kristin

I am a passionate music lover and song collector! I grew up fearful of speaking my truth and sang only in the trusted circle of my closest family, however I experienced an awakening of sorts when I attended a community song circle many years ago. Such a circle led me to attend an incredible annual gathering with my sisters at which folks come together to sing for three days! It was tremendously liberating to discover people enjoying music together without the need to perform or be "good at it," in an environment of safety and belonging. I realized how important it was for people to sing together, that it was incredibly healthy and healing on a collective level, and that our planet desperately needs us to build the skills required to co-exist harmonically. My life was truly changed and I knew that I wanted to keep regularly singing with others because it made me incredibly happy.  

Take back your voice! It is your birthright to make sound with other people, to create beauty and discover unity amongst our differences. Through group singing we learn how to listen to each other, rise up to challenges that benefit the whole, open our hearts, have fun and revitalize our entire selves. 

I hope to sing with you soon! 


Contact Kristin:

(774) 268-9763


thank you to the many song leaders who continue to inspire me!