About Kristin

I remember enjoying making art from a very young age. Growing up in California, I drew my favorite musicians and developed an interest in photography. I also remember being an avid people-watcher and to this day I am captivated by the human face. My efforts in photography were often attempts at creating what I considered “interesting moments.” Ultimately, though, I discovered the most interesting moments caught on camera were the candid ones, snapshots taken without trying so hard. Yet the photograph never felt like enough - I wanted to interact with the image more, spend time with it, go deeper. So I returned to the craft of drawing, raiding family albums and later collaborating with photographers, to find images to work from whose subjects inspired me with their unique countenances. With fine charcoal, I pull out of the original photo new vitality, texture and dimension. My goal is to create an intimate portrait of not only physical presence and character, but also what I see in the subject’s soul at the moment she or he was photographed. I currently live in New Hampshire and regularly accept commissioned work.